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Mechanical processing

The plastics machining process we propose and create can be achieved not only in cold, but also in heat.
We develop our own products, but we can also work according to the clients’ documentation, with a professional team.


Mechanical garments

On the basis of our vast experience, what brings us forward are the results on the stretch, which have contributed to the development of the infrastructure and the complexity of some projects.


Plastics processing

Cutting process-operation destined mainly to raw parts with complex structures and shapes.
Cold forming and stamping-operation appropriate to the parts obtained from semi-manufactured products.



Confectionarea de cablaje pentru domeniile automotive, telecomunicatii, sanatate, energie si electrocasnic, se desfasoara in parallel cu cea de productie de piese din plastic injectate, necesare la montajul cablajelor.

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Our high level standards and our experts’ appraisal provide constant high satisfaction for our clients. Through our experience in the industrial field, raised level of flexibility, quick input, precise cohesion and consistency to our clients’ needs, AXATEC shapes itself as a trustful and efficient partner for supplying incorporated industrial goods and services. Our working fields are machining, metallic structures, wiring and plastics machining details
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