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Mechanical garments Services

On the basis of our vast experience, what brings us forward are the results on the stretch, which have contributed to the development of the infrastructure and the complexity of some projects. Delivering solutions in a large specter of application features the success key four multi-domain presence.

The equipment we use is utmost performing, no matter whether it is water jet cutting, cnc guillotine cutting, laser cutting or plasma ray, profile bending “abkant” CNC or rolling, but also materials as:


  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • copper
  • glass
  • plastics

We can part the products in this category as it follows:

  • A. Large scale products
  • B. Light metallic structures

In the first category we have the following products:

  • cauldrons and bunkers;
  • front panels;
  • products used in the heavy industry;
  • boards used in the electronic and telecommunication industry;
  • metallic scaffoldings, towers and handrails;
  • containers and landscape elements;

In the B category we include:

  • light boards, cabinets, lodges;
  • furniture for the industry division: tables, work stations, scaffoldings, carriers, shelfs;
  • stainless steel furniture for the food and the health care industries;
  • joints of urban furniture: banks, stations, racks, billboards, many types of chimney manufacturing, storage location


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