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Throughout time we have managed a series of implementations after elaborated studies together with our partners from different branches, all of them have successfully placed us in the position of a strategic partner in the industry area.

We are specialized in the series and one-off productions, parts that need a distinct attention and through all the fields we are active in, as metallic manufacturing, metallic machining, wiring and plastics handling.

Our goals are the cost efficiency, no matter if we are talking about semi-or final manufactured products and the best possible supply performance for our partners. Most of the time, the standard solutions to solving engineering issues are no easy to find, that is why we also provide technical consultancy, design architecture and integrated operational keys in order to become your most trustful partner.

  • modular storage systems;
  • motherboards to the automatic fee system in the public transport;
  • wiring for the towing system in the agricultural field;
  • TPE sealing holes for the industrial robots.
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