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About AXATEC Short presentation

Through a pioneering know-how and innovative solutions, the AXATEC company has developed into a multinational high quality incorporated solutions provider, proficient partner in different industrial branches.
In order to follow the highest standards and to ensure efficient and flawless industrial services, we set collaborations with prestigious companies. The solutions we bring out to our partners always meet their needs in a constant dynamic market.

Careful to the direct and fast response to the cost, quality and delivery problem, we are always there where we can implement cutting-edge projects that keep up with the requested changes on the local and global market. Our provided services are shaped like a solid modular system, thus delivering the right solution.
Currently, the solutions range of a parts contract that is always in high demand stipulates complete keys. Along with the solid growth, the requests are concentrated on the complex joints, although for vehicles and machine tools, electronics or injected inserts, which embroil flexibility and high precision and modern equipment action.
AXATEC is always available when it comes to our clients’ needs.
AXATEC can be found in Germany and in Romania, and the business in these countries is just a part of the international activity of the company on the global market.


From a logistic outlook, the geographical position we have chosen is extremely important for all our partners in the technical, industrial and engineering field, thus being present with the registered office in Germany and Romania.
AXATEC sets itself to permanently be the most trustful partner, hence aiming to achieve excellence in our specialty industrial branch to positively influence the future of our partners.
AXATEC ensures the shortest way from the prototype idea to the final series manufacture of the product.
The founding members of AXATEC have a background of more than 15 years complex technical field experience and industrial architecture and the company is built around the idea of a CC – “Complex Concept“®.

Complex Concept“, presumes more than project management, it features technical consultancy, customized efficient solutions, permanent professional advice and the possibility to visualize the process in all its stages.

Our work is based on a unique combination of extraordinary and creative ideas.
Our work gathers experts from all fields, from project and innovation management to digital pioneers, design and communication specialists who can create original content.

We develop the projects that you own or that we build together with the purpose of fast and efficient application in reality and we use unique concepts with a great impact.

We always submit and analyze the project deployment strategy having in mind the following aspects:

  • the values of the company
  • the legacy of the company
  • the priority of the product
  • he briefing

To all of above we add our creativity and our more than 15 years technical field consultancy and support experience. All of this ensures a solid material base and our approach, aligned on our partners’ company’s needs, builds a rigid settlement on trust and common understanding.


We target to achieve excellence in our specialty fields to positively influence the future of our partners.


To permanently be the most trustful partner.

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